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Welcome to C4process. A website dedicated to promote and discuss the Collective Code Construction Contract (C4).

Not to be confused with the C4 Model for visualising software architecture.

Why does this site exist?

To promote the Collective Code Construction Contract (C4). To research its use in practice, not limited to Open Source/Free Software projects, but as part of an exploration to transpose the principles of C4 to other fields of community-led behaviours and actions.

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The Collective Code Construction Contract (C4) is an evolution of the Fork + Pull Model, aimed at providing an optimal collaboration model for free software projects. This site explores its feasability also beyond that.

License — GPLv3 or later

The content of this website and the C4 process RFC are licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

Pull requests, bugs, feature requests

Go to our repository at codeberg to file issues, pull requests etc.


You can also send us an e-mail at info AT c4process DOT org and ask to get subscribed to our simple mailing list.


Visit our blogroll and again — feel free to file a pull request with new blog entries. This website is a simple Jekyll static pages setup, so if you know markdown, you’re ready to contribute.

Internet of People

This site is by people for people. To share, learn and implement solutions. It has no trackers, no cookies, no ads. It’s a project that focuses on solutions, not problems.

Who builds this site?

Right now (2023-03-28) it’s just me, Jan Wildeboer. I am an Open Source/Free Software veteran with a clear focus on positive progress in the communities that surround me — be it virtual or real. My main interests are in finding pragmatic, easy to implement ways of creating communities that help to change a lot of small things for the better. My daytme job is Red Hat EMEA Evangelist. I am a long time member of the United Transnational Republics and work since many years on fully decentralised Identity Ownership, which I think is needed to establish a global democracy. My superpower is patience combined with listening and learning.

I am looking forward to have this website being run by a community of people from all over many places and me reducing myself to keeping it working and causing change. I am not relevant. Ideas are bigger than people and ego.